In a world of fake news and geopolitical chaos, it is hard to ascertain what are true facts and what is fake fiction. Kitten Press News offers an alternative to the notion of reporting merely facts and fiction by allowing authors to report on a purely emotional side of a story in a format that makes it easy for a reader to compare the emotional states from entirely different stories.

You can become a correspondent!

To get started, simply down load the official Kitten Press News form and print it out. If you plan on becoming a prolific journalist, you may want to print out several. Next, find a story to report on. If possible, you should try to observe the events you are reporting on in first person, but it is ok if you can only watch them on TV, read about them in a newspaper, or remember them from a past or future life. While contemplating the events, color in the kitten picture. Internalize the events and allow them to interact with your inner kitten, to clothe it, to tease it, to give it treats and a saucer of milk. Carefully color in the picture of the kitten on the news form, being careful to not get in the way of your emotions choice of colors and patterns.

When you are done, scan the results and email it to kittenpress@howeville.com, along with the following metadata:

  1. Headline
  2. Location of the event
  3. Date of the event
  4. The name of the reporter (or reporters)
  5. A list of keywords associated with the story

The distant and objective editorial staff will review your work and either post it on the site, or reject it without explanation.

Also, if you are interested in getting more involved with the establishment of an entirely new type of journalism, email us and we can discuss ways that you can get involved.